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Creative with code.

Creative with code. A website is an important part of your visibility, but will only attract your target customers when they find it has an added value. Thanks to our tried-and-tested processes we can ensure you’ll have a website which is attractive, dynamic and accessible. To top it off, we put you directly at the helm of your new website. With our custom developed content management system (cms), editing the content of your website will be a breeze.



Web design & development

Which organization can still do without a website nowadays? We design and develop websites tailored to your needs. From small informative one-pagers to extensive web shops, no project is too small or too big for Crossmark.

Content management

All our websites are built on top of a self-developed content management system, which we named "Asteriks". The focus with Asteriks has always been to create a system which is extremely easy to use for even the most novice of users.

Enterprise applications

Web applications don’t always need to be websites. Feel free to rely on our technical knowledge and analytical inner eye to create both online or offline interactive tools which can improve your business processes.



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The entire Crossmark team is ready to help, advise or design beautiful creations for you.
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Crossmark is creative ...